Why us for your business email?

Over 38% of business communications are through a FREE email service which there are several reasons to avoid using these.

The most common situation that we find is that a business will use the email provided free by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) or the emails included in their web hosting package and when the time comes that they chose to move that service the email account in most cases is cancelled.

Some clients had issues with the emails going to their customers’ Junk folder, not receiving emails or receiving the infamous “Mail Server unavailable” error message.

Leaving all business promotion material such as Flyers, Business Cards, Vehicle wraps & clothing with outdated contact information.

Our business email services are extremely easy to migrate to regardless of your business’s current situation, and our network ensures a 99.99% uptime guarantee. We will make the migration so simple that your staff wouldn’t even notice.

Our migration system will bring all your latest content and contacts across first so you can keep working, and it will then bring in historical data.

Our business email services also include Advanced Spam Protection and Support time included within your low monthly cost, additional services such as cloud email signatures and email backups are available at an additional price.
Please feel free to call our team on (03) 4416 2736 or email sales@impulseinc.com.au

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