It’s 2019 and we’re upping our security policies yet again,
security is getting stronger and stronger as technology evolves.

Our business has grown, now offers more services than ever before and at a reasonable price too.
Having added tokenized card payments during late 2018 we’ve decided to take it that one further step and secure your payments and accounts with one further measure.

With security breaches, digital crime and internet fraud on the rise, the importance of safeguarding your information has never been greater. Most of the recent breaches have been password related, including the highly talked about celebrity iCloud photo leak, the password security breach for Drop Box, and the United States Postal Service has even fallen victim. If big name companies, and celebrities can be targets of data breaches, what is to stop this from happening to you?

One way is to ensure the use of two-factor authentication (2FA), which requires two steps in the verification process, making the act of stealing your information twice as difficult. The basic requirement principles of 2FA involve three different forms to identify and authenticate; these are something you knowsomething you have, and something you are. Something you know could be a username and password, something you have is a possession, and something you are could be facial recognition, a fingerprint or an eye scan.

Most may not realize that using the ATM or online banking requires two-factor authentication. The ATM demands the PIN that you know and the ATM card that you have. Online banking asks for a username and password, and then usually proceeds in wanting a verification code that is sent through either email or text.

What If I lose my phone?
This is a major concern for companies that have their employees accessing sensitive information on a mobile device. With 2FA this is no longer a problem; there are safeguards in place to make it easy to address this issue in a timely manner by having the capabilities to remotely wipe the device and reset it to factory, or disabling the user account and active directory, or disabling the authentication in the two-factor system itself. This can be done by contacting our support and we will verify your account using alternate methods of recovery.

Protect Yourself
Make it harder for identity theft and phishing via email to happen to you; require those criminals to gain more information than just your username and password. Privacy is becoming more and more of an issue as technology grows, and by not taking the time to do this simple, ten minute process puts you and your information at risk.

Kick Off Date
From February 1st,
all clients will need to use a secondary method to login meaning you’ll need a smartphone to access apps that will be used for 2FA. For Now it’s optional however as of the date above this will be strongly enforced across our network

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