Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy aims to protect both our clients and our company. In this regard, we present the following information as disclosure of agreement with our clients. Upon using “Impulse Media + Design”, the client agree to the following security and privacy policies:


Disclosure of Personal Information  

 The client agrees to provide his or her personal information which include but not limited to the following log information:


  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Credit Card Information

Important note:

You “The Client” provide Impulse Media + Design credit card details for the automated invoicing service. This can be cancelled at any-time however it may affect other services and/or cause them to be suspended and/or terminated.


The abovementioned information will determine the name of our client and his or her contact information where we can reach them for service-related concerns. It is also used to provide clients our regular communication such as newsletters, fliers and other promotion materials. Clients in compulsory action provide the aforementioned personal information, otherwise,, will not be able to process the services you need.  


Access to your personal information

The company reserves the right to disclose your personal information to any of our company employees, suppliers or sub-cons whenever we deem it necessary. In this privacy policy, the client authorizes the company to disclose his or her personal information to our employees and or subcontractors during or in the course or an investigation or legal proceedings required by the law, to protect our legal rights to prevent fraud and credit risk and to any legal authority such as court, where in our sound opinion is likely to order a disclosure of such information. 


Safeguarding your information


“Impulse Media + Design” treats your personal information with utmost attention. In this regard, we store that information in our safeguard data bank with secured by state-of-the-art encryption technology. 

Your personal password which you use to access your account in this website is in your safekeeping and we do not hold any responsibility in its storage. We don’t have any access to your password and it is rightly protected whenever you are logged into our page.


Your rights as the client

We are determined to protect your rights by agreeing to hold your personal information upon instruction, provided that you have supplied appropriate fees and evidence for us to do so. We will withhold to disclose your information to any unauthorised person without your duly permission. 


You are the only person authorised to instruct the company to use your personal information for any marketing or anything of such similar purposes. You also hold the right to update your personal information whenever you deemed necessary.


Participating with Third Party Websites

We participate with third party websites such as social media networks to promote our page. The company, however, does not provide those networks to access your personal information. 


Company details

This website is owned and operated by Impulse Media + Design, a registered online graphic design company within Australia under registration number 94 812 663 225, and our registered office is at 4 Settlers Drive, Kialla, VIC. 3631.


For more information and customer service support, please contact us at the ‘Contact Us’ tab provided in this page.