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Why us for your business email?

Over 38% of business communications are through a FREE email service which there are several reasons to avoid using these. The most common situation that we find is that a business will use the email provided free by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) or the emails included in their web

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Cloud Storage & Backups

What would happen to your business if you lost the last weeks worth of work?It’d be a problem right? So… we have a solution for you. Our cloud Storage and backup plans will keep you backed up, your servers can be backed up to a reliable, secure SFTP storage environment.

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Microsoft Service Pricing Update 2019

This one’s for all those out there that are using Office 365, Azure, Exchange and so many other services provided by Microsoft. During December Microsoft notified its partners of a Australian Price increase to bring their services into alignment with the rest of the world. In doing so most products

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As the new year has arrived so have some of our new services, Impulse can now offer Residential and Commercial NBN Connections and phones! We’re sure that you’ll be happy with the service and support, along with the pricing!Please noteService delivery times can vary as installation may require NBN Co

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Fees Update & Payment Processing 2019

All managed services and projects will now incur a fee of up-to 3.5% for payments made through online gateways. New & Existing ClientsAre required to have a credit card linked with their account if any managed service is taking place, for example; email, hosting, cloud storage, etc. Failed PaymentsFrom February 1st, after

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It’s 2019 and we’re upping our security policies yet again, security is getting stronger and stronger as technology evolves. Our business has grown, now offers more services than ever before and at a reasonable price too. Having added tokenized card payments during late 2018 we’ve decided to take it that

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Partner Program Launched

Just two days into the new year and we’re already expanding opportunities for our clients. Impulse is now offering partner incentives to clients who refer new customers to us, and once they’ve signed up you’ll receive a percentage for the life of the customer (Until They cancel services) Our incentives

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2019 Impulse Media + Design Rebrand

First of all, from all the team we wish you all a happy new year we hope you all are having a fantastic time with your friends & family. Please stay safe this holiday season. Now, let’s get started.Kicking off the new year with a bang we’re changing our look.

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WordPress 5.0 Update

WordPress 5.0 is officially live! This is a big update for all WordPress websites, so we write this post to inform you to NOT run the update immediately! There are some steps that we highly recommend you take to ensure your website doesn’t break. Don’t run the update?We’ve noticed a

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