Microsoft Service Pricing Update 2019

This one’s for all those out there that are using Office 365, Azure, Exchange and so many other services provided by Microsoft.

During December Microsoft notified its partners of a Australian Price increase to bring their services into alignment with the rest of the world.

In doing so most products have had their prices updated, some services have increased by up-to 8%!
Although we haven’t increased our pricing as of yet as we’re waiting for the finalized price list to become available which we hope is going to be during January we can’t guarantee.

Luckily those who signed up in December 2018 for these services will keep the same price until December 2019 if your order was placed prior to December, your pricing is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Not Running Office 365 or Exchange?
We recommend these services to all of our clients, not only are they super affordable but they are extremely reliable, fast and professional.

Since we started Impulse MPD we’ve found that several companies that used free email services either had their invoices go to Junk or be questioned if they were legitimate every time,  Exchange Online assists us in eliminating this from happening.

Alongside Office 365 which allows you to conveniently work on the go with a Mobile License included within most plans, there’s no excuse for not having that task done. Also SharePoint is a great way to work with a team on a document.

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