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What is now known as Impulse Media + Design (MPD) was originally called Impulse Designs & Development, due to the huge service expansion in early 2017 we decided that the name no longer fit the company and its provided services.

Impulse was formed in July 2016,
Josh proceeded to create the company whilst he was still in school with the help of his mother. During school he showed extreme interests in any class or course revolving around “I.T” Industry and he began to study further courses from home.

Eventually graduating from his online courses he then began to research services that were reliable enough that it could be used in businesses from small business, to large enterprises.

During the journey which is still very much growing Josh had been doubted by people close to him and he set out for success and fantastic customer service.
Josh was born with a condition called Amniotic-band Syndrome, causing him to lose his right arm, big toe and left ring finger, with a further amputation of his left foot at the age of six. 

He see’s this as a minor setback and has certainly failed to stop him from achieving his goals in providing customers with amazing services and even better customer support.

In just 2 years Josh has already built websites and portals for clients all over the world, and has also created stunning eye-catching graphics for his clients.
Josh had left school at the end of year 10 to fulfill his dream in the I.T Industry and landed a job at a local I.T Consultants where he spent three years improving his skills to then go out and make Impulse something BIG. 

Impulse spends countless hours testing and developing solutions for its customers and continues to expand its services based off customer feedback and demand.

director / project manager

Josh Liddell

Passionate and dedicated to ensuring customers are happy, he is always willing to help out with client problems and will even walk you through fixing the issues.

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