Fees Update & Payment Processing 2019

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All managed services and projects will now incur a fee of up-to 3.5% for payments made through online gateways.

New & Existing Clients
Are required to have a credit card linked with their account if any managed service is taking place, for example; email, hosting, cloud storage, etc.

Failed Payments
From February 1st, after three consecutive payment failures you’ll be notified of the amounts owed and a new failed card processing fee will be applied of up-to $12.00. This fee is determined by your service type.

Late Payments
All late invoices will incur a late fee of 10% from February 1st.
This fee will be applied if you’re payment is received later than 7 days after due date and will appear on your next invoice.
Customers that fail to pay for services, may have their service or account temporarily suspended.

A member of our accounts department will be in-touch with you if the account is suspended by the system.
If you are over a 28 Days overdue your account may be terminated unless a prior agreement is organised.

Impulse will not be responsible for data after this period, and accepts no responsibility for any services that are not functional or data loss during suspended / terminated period.

If you feel that you wont be able to meet any of the terms above or have any concerns.
Please feel free to contact [email protected]

If your service is failing to meet expectations please contact [email protected]

Joshua Liddell
Owner & CEO | Impulse Media Plus Design

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