Hi There,

My name is Joshua Liddell and I wanted to introduce myself and my business to you.

With the help of family and friends I managed to reach my dream well before I had planned.  At 16 years old I had created and registered “Impulse Media + Design”

Within my first year of doing web and graphic design, I had already branched overseas creating a website for Seattle Yachts.

From there many more websites, posters and logos have been created and honestly I’m speechless. Now aged 20, I have completed one of the larger dreams that I wanted to make sure I worked on and succeeded as a child.

I have always been one for ensuring others are satisfied with my work and if adjustments need to be made, they are done without ridiculous fees.

Having now run for just over 3 years, I’ve managed to  partner with a few larger companies for reliable services to provide customers with an easy transition and functional service from their previous providers.

No longer just Graphic and web design.

Web Hosting

Since October 2017 we have provided large scale web hosting for customers all around the world, we manage the hosting.

Business Backups

Providing affordable monthly solutions to back your business up in case of a failure, restore your valuable data, without the hassle of questioning where it is.

IT Solutions

Onsite or remote, we have you covered.
Covering a majority of Victoria, business or commercial we will be there assisting with your issues.


Looking to fix your network issues, we are now able to provide your business or home with Wireless Access Points along with Routers, Managed switches plus more!

Business Emails

Stop using free providers for business such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Get your business online now using our Microsoft Exchange services.

Remote Desktops

The perfect solution if you don't have or want that 5K+ server solution? we can provide you with an affordable, monthly remote solution to run your software.