2019 Impulse Media + Design Rebrand

First of all, from all the team we wish you all a happy new year we hope you all are having a fantastic time with your friends & family. Please stay safe this holiday season.

Now, let’s get started.
Kicking off the new year with a bang we’re changing our look. As some customers may have noticed we have change our business appearance.

We have now removed the heart beat from our logo and are primarily using our 4 piece slanted rectangles now, this will become our primary online identity for a few years to come starting the 05/01/19

We’ve recently had all our legal documents updated and created as this year our goal is to increase by 150% hiring new staff and bringing you the best in all business services.

For our partners there will soon be a identity guideline document provided to you for displaying our logo on your documents &/or online locations, however for now you’re to follow the below listed.

Website Logo

Background Colour Codes // #121212 Dark Grey Mix // #FFFFFF White // #ED2024 Corporate Red //

Logo ONLY // GreyMix Stroke // White Stroke // Red Stroke

Full Logo // Black // White

SVG & EPS Downloads can be requested if unavailable by emailing support@impulseinc.com.au

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